Joining the World Albinism Alliance

Membership Form WAA Version 2 PDF

Membership Form WAA Version 2 Word

Please read and complete the Application form ensuring all details are clear and legible.  On completion return the form and return to

The Secretary

World Albinism Alliance

P.O. Box 20729

World Square NSW 2002 AUSTRALIA

Or email to 


Recognizing the inherent worth and importance of connecting all people with albinism across the globe, the World Albinism Alliance Endeavour’s to unite existing, and assist  in the creation of new, albinism organizations worldwide to:  ensure that people with albinism are treated with dignity and respect according to the law, heritage and culture of their birth right consistent with the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and its Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities; to provide complete and accurate information relative to albinism to those with the condition, medical professionals, educators and the public; and to promote scientific research to more fully understand and manage albinism. Wherever it is read nothing in this constitution shall alter the founders fundamental and enduring intention.  World Albinism Alliance Inc has been established as a global entity following discussions consultations between a number of Albinism organizations around the world

On 27th August 2011, the decision was made to establish and register the entity in NSW Australia. The registration was finalized 30th May 2012, with Incorporation number INC9897392

The aims and objectives detailed of the World Albinism Alliance are:

  1. Educating People with Albinism
  2. Educating the General Public about albinism
  3. Educating Health Professionals about albinism
  4. Educating the educators about albinism
  5. Advocating for accurate portrayal of albinism in the public media
  6. Ensuring equity in Citizenship Rights for people with albinism
  7. Advancing Scientific Research into albinism
  8. Encouraging local albinism organizations

There are two forms of membership.

Full member is when a member has been nominated in writing by the management of a Registered Albinism Organisation as being one of up to four representatives of that Organisation within the WAA.

Associate member are other interested individuals, and representatives of Unregistered Albinism Organizations.

 Membership fees – a donation equivalent to AU$20 (Australian Dollar) is suggested for membership. 

Donations can be deposited into the following account

  • Account Number 431149245
  • BSB 112 879

Please put your name as the reference for the deposit

12 thoughts on “Joining the World Albinism Alliance”

  1. Dear valued management team of the Albinisim organization.
    My name is Qais Tarawneh and I work for the Jordanian Hashemite fund for human development (JOHUD)
    In Jordan we have children and adults with Albinisim, but unfortunately we don’t have an entity or organization dedicated in working with them. And of course no clear data and statistics about this issue. I was wondering if you can help us to do something in this regard in terms of establishing an entity and the needed stages of the required developmental stages avoiding to your knowledge. I will be more than happy to connect with the right person from your respected organization to start this initiative here in Jordan as we feel that this segment of our people are not being taken care of in the right way in the education system or needed services. I will place my email address in the right field and I hope to hear from you.
    Many thanks for your support in advance.
    Qais Tarawneh
    Deputy educative director- learning for development – Johud

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Am from Liberia and am the Focal Person of the Liberia Albino Society this institution has over 1500 members and cater to the well being of persons living witha albinism witthin the 15 political sub-division of our country. Having heard about this nobel institution its our hope that we connect with you.


  3. I feel so glad knowing that even albinos are considered in this world today.
    I would like to join the world albino association


  4. My name is Fidele NELSON Kasaranga. I was born in DRC The Democratic Republic Of Congo and I’m a refugee in Uganda Nakival refugee camp. Disputes between my parents started the time I was born because my father accused my of giving birth to a ghost and bring cuse into the clan,
    My father disowned me by accusing my of having slept with other men or ghosts and this caused divorce, and this was because of my albinism condition I was born with even during the time I joined secondary school the number of friends kept on decreasing, where our neighbors never allowed their children to play with me I was always discriminated abandoned and isolated in societies, we started suffering until the time rebels attacked our community and we freed to Uganda in Nakival refugee camp and I happened to meet hundreds of people with albinism who are having the same pains as mine. Fortunately where I got to know about SINA Social Innovation Academy and I was trained on how to turn my problem into an opportunity and to empower my fellows with albinism but we’re setting up an Organization that is going to empower, inpire, motivate, and advocates for people with albinism living in the refugee camp through discovering, promoting their talents and adding on their literacy in order to become vital, valuable members in societies, and be able to fight for their rights and living a sustainable lives as well


  5. Good morning we really like what you’re doing and we really need your help according the comment we’ve sent ready to you, and as we people with albinism who lives in the refugee camps in Uganda and we really a nice social inclusion and acceptance in societies around the world. Thank you.


  6. my name is Thomas Msulwa from SOUTH AFRICA I am a founder of NGO called UNITE FIGHT ILL TREATMENT FOR ALL THE PEOPLE WITH ALBINISM AND DISABILITY. me i am not living with Albinism, I like to be a member of WORLD ALBINISM ALLIANCE


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